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                Home > About us

                China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. [ National Machine Group ] was established in January 1997 , the State Council approved the formation of a large state-owned enterprises under the direct management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission , is the world five hundred companies .

                National Machine Group is China's machinery industry 's largest and most extensive coverage , the most complete business chain , R & D capabilities of the strongest large central enterprise groups. With nearly 50 wholly owned and holding subsidiaries, 10 listed companies, more than 140 overseas service providers, global workforce of nearly 10 million people. National Machine Group for many years to maintain more than 30 % growth in 2012 revenues of 214.2 billion yuan ; consecutive years ranked China Machinery Industry Top 100 enterprises , the SASAC central enterprises performance evaluation of A-level enterprises.

                CNMIC around the equipment manufacturing industry , two major areas of modern manufacturing services , research and development efforts to create and manufacture of machinery and equipment , engineering and construction , trade and service of the three main industry , services, covering industry , agriculture, transportation , energy, construction , light engineering, automotive , shipbuilding, mining , metallurgy , aerospace and other important industries of the national economy , to provide professional services to more than 170 countries and territories worldwide . National Machine Group has a strong resource integration and ability . Strong research and development capabilities , extensive global marketing network, strong financial strength and project finance capabilities, forming a covering design, development , manufacturing , engineering, contracting, systems integration, a complete industrial chain, international trade and other aspects of the industry with a unique value and competitive advantage.

                In the machinery and equipment R & D and manufacturing operations in the field , the National Machine Group is China's largest agricultural machinery, forestry machinery of geological equipment manufacturing enterprises , as well as the most important engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises, many market -leading products are exported around the world excellent . Have both in the field of heavy machinery , power equipment, general petrochemical , machine tools, automotive engineering , machine parts , instrumentation and environmental protection equipment and other powerful research and development capabilities and systems integration capabilities , to provide a large number of domestic and foreign markets have significant influence equipment and technology.

                In the field of international engineering contracting business , as the world's leading international engineering contractor , the National Machine Group for many years selected (ENR) " Top 225 International Contractors " top 50 "global top 200 engineering consulting and design business" Top 100 , the industry has a wide influence in the global engineering market in many countries and regions have an important position in the market . In 2012, the National Machine Group ranked (ENR) " the world's 225 largest international contractors ," the first 24 , " International Engineering Design Enterprises 200" Section 77 .

                In terms of trade and services , the National Machine Group is an important window for China export of electromechanical products and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and products , is China 's largest automotive trade and service providers, is China's machinery industry 's largest foreign trade enterprises .

                Adhering to the " Heli -friendly, innovative and win-win " business philosophy , commitment "and" cultural construction , the National Machine Group will focus on the manufacture of the equipment manufacturing industry and modern service industry two core business areas , to create a world-class integrated with international competitiveness of the equipment industry multinational corporations, become agents of China 's machinery industry leader , human civilization and progress.

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